“This is an important book on a tremendously important subject. That there has been an intentional and systematic indoctrination of Americans with false and pernicious ideas is horrific, but this fine book helps us understand what has happened and helps us also see how we can — and absolutely must — oppose those ideas.” – Eric Metaxas, Host, the Eric Metaxas Show, NYT best-selling author of Bonhoeffer, Miracles, and If You Can Keep It

“As a veteran of ministry with students in many settings, Dave Richardson has ample experience of the kinds of questions raised against the gospel and the struggles that so many believers, often raised with what they see as strong beliefs, yet when confronted by other ideas, worldviews or claims, they find themselves unable to respond in a meaningful way or how to begin to frame a response to questions or challenges against their beliefs. This book is a thoughtful but also practical tool that gets to the heart of discussions and provides an accessible method that enables a conversation to get to the core, and those communicating to show quickly and effectively, why different assumptions have serious outcomes and what difference the differences make. I highly recommend this book and believe it will help many to seriously engage with other views and show a coherent and robust response.” Stuart McAllister

Regional Director Americas, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

“David Richardson is a man of both uncommon wisdom and unbridled passion.  It’s that mix of wisdom and passion that gets me really excited to watch how God can work in and through a person.  When David first explained his Critical Assumptions Test to our staff, I was blown away and immediately saw the wisdom of his apologetic.  Now that he has written this book, I believe that many will benefit from his knowledge.  And not only that, the kingdom will grow. You will be blessed by this book!” Daniel Fusco

Lead Pastor, Crossroads Community Church, Vancouver, Washington

Searching for the truth?

“Dave’s book and Critical Assumptions Test are a must in the existing environment of ideas, lifestyles, and concepts” – Nolan Hertel, Professor, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology